Highland Ridge Community Development Corp. (HRCDC)

SHOUT OUT to Redevelopment Authority for helping us get the word out about our Mending Fences program!  Through their help we received over 10 applications in ONE day  


Are you a low-income homeowner who needs help with repairs in your home?

Visit our Mending Fences page.

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SAVE THE DATE -- April 9, 2016!

Devote an afternoon to work in the garden or helping to repair a home.

HRCDC is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the educational, academic, social, and economic climate of the community, & to become a safer, cleaner, more beautiful and prosperous place to live, work, worship, and play.​

Our Mending Fences program needs volunteers, building materials, supplies, and funds.

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